May 30

yet to be born

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About a month ago, I purchased the domain www.rawrealhope.com with a vision for a place where the raw realities and stories of life could be shared in a real way, with real, transcendent hope making all the difference.

Right now, this site is still in a formative state.  While focused on my day job, and participating in theTwibe Writer’s course with Jeff Goins, I’m dreaming up what this site will be, look like, feel like, and how it will work and best offer to those who come this way.  My plans are to launch through a WordPress platform this fall.

I’m also dreaming and scheming with some like hearted souls on how this can be a shared place.  I see it being something of a community of like hearted folks who know there is more, want more, and won’t settle for any nicely and neatly packaged approach that short changes the journey we share.

For life is way too messy for that, and God’s on record for proving his love by getting up close and personal with people in those places.

I look forward to sharing with you what is to come.  In the mean time, check out this podcast that motivated me to finally pursue this dream.  Thank you, Jon Acuff!  Within an hour of listening to Jon and Dave, I purchased the domain www.rawrealhope.com.  And this first post is an important step out the door for me on this new journey.

(Updated Aug 5, 2013, original posted on blogger)

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