Aug 05

taking shape

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Hi, my name is Jeff.  Raw Real Hope is a new blog that is still taking shape.  I am very excited about what is to come!

This past week, I began the process of transferring from Blogger to WordPress.  Now, the layout and design are under construction, with an eye toward what will best serve you, the reader

By early Sept, I will be posting regularly.  Early on, a few key posts will provide definition to the key ideas behind this blog. For example, I am currently working on what I mean by the ideas of Raw, Real, and Hope.  In the post following below, I paint a picture of Raw.  By defining these ideas, I hope to provide a big picture view of where this site is headed.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come by again soon to to see how things are shaping up.  We hope that you’ll find a good reason to join us on this journey!

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  • Awesome stuff, Jeff! I look forward to following along.

    • Jeff

      Thanks, Nick! Great to have you stop by.

    • Jeff

      Thanks, Nick! Great to have you stop by. Keep tearing it up!

  • Good job so far and looking forward to more.


    • Jeff

      Thanks, Mary Jo!