Aug 29

Broken Heroics

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The other day, my friend Chris and I met up with a group of men who were not faking it.  Coming together to share some of their biggest problems, these men were putting it on the line that hope may be an option.

I was excited for the meeting, as I knew several of the men from a retreat back in May. I love coming together with men like this, and was excited to see their faces and reconnect over common ground. But what almost caught me off guard was the new men I met.

I was struck by their courage.  Their willingness to show up and share their most raw struggles. Their issues that had held them back.  Together in this group, they were going forward.

I think there is something nothing less than heroic when I group of men who are broken come together to take the risk that maybe, just maybe, hope can be found by first being weak.

No posing, no fake strength.  It’s raw, and sometimes messy. But In opening up, grace can flood the very places where truth sheds light on failure.  And grace provides strength to be transformed.


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