Sep 03

In My Face

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Man, I need more of this today.  I feel like I’m about to fall flat on my face.  I’ve been there many times before, and an ugly little voice is haunting me with lies that I am in fact what I fear most.


Photo Credit: Jeff Raymond via Sketch Guru

A failure.

So it’s inevitable.  Right?

I scramble and reach for something deeper.  Truer.  That which sets me free.

I need it to stare at me in the face instead.  Ah yes, there it is.

Grace.  Acceptance.  Justification.  The declaration that I am not the sum of my failures.

No, that’s not me.  It’s all a big lie.

I keep reaching into what is deep, truer, and liberating.

The cross.  All my sin is dealt with there.  My sin exchanged for Christ’s righteousness. Jesus telling me that I’m okay in his eyes.

Even more, He’s made me His own.  He’s proud to call me His son.  I am loved.

So goodbye to you, that lie that says I’m a loser.  I hold onto Him who says I’m free to roam this path of grace, and truly live.

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