Sep 06

Hope When Things Get Ugly

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image by Jeff Raymond via Sketch Guru

When God offers hope, it often shines most beautifully in the ugliest places of our story. Our sin, struggles, failures and hardships are raw material in which God does wondrous good.

God doesn’t do this by denying one thing that’s wrong about us.  He doesn’t brush things under the rug.  He sees it all, just in a very different light.

Some of my favorite stories illustrate this beautifully.  The woman at the well.  The prodigal son.  Peter denying Jesus.

All grand failures. All great opportunities for grace to do it’s best work.  To forgive.  To free from lies.  To offer a completely new identity.

Instead of loser and loner, we are his prized child.  Instead of hopelessness and despair, we find courage to walk a new redemptive path.

Jesus’s final days on planet earth secured this for us.  His death dealt with our sin.  His resurrection says sin and failure are not final. There is a new day, and a new story.  The gift of new identity for those humble enough to receive.

When things get ugly, what could this kind of hope do for you?

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  • David Mike

    It’s easy to say that, we as humans, have this kind of hope. But, we can get lost in ourselves, denying how broken we really are. We think we are in control of our lives! Even though every time we touch anything it turns to dust. Thanks to God that in spite of our selves, there is nothing we can do to make Him love us more or less.