Sep 18

Crazy Amounts of Grace

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Grace-Forest-RdWhen John introduced his friend in the book he wrote, he held nothing back.  No one could match such credentials, for Jesus had always existed, had created all things, and Jesus was the source of all life.  Up against this greatness, there were no rivals.

Yet in our imperfect and dark world, most weren’t interested in Jesus’s credentials.  Back then, as is today, people were more interested in themselves, and missed so much of this glorious one and what he offered.

But not everyone.  Some, in the raw places of their brokenness, encountered the remedy for their most desperate need.  These were folks who came to grips that they needed more, and that their attempts to manufacture solutions were not working.

Have you ever been in that place?  Are you in that place now?

In Jesus, you could not find one flaw.  He was perfect. Totally.  He stood infinitely above all others.  And when someone is in that position of greatness, those below can quickly feel inferior.

But instead of boasting, Jesus bent down.  He walked in our shoes and looked our condition straight in the eyes.   With the ragged and beat up, he offered an undeserved kindness and favor in the face of life’s greatest failures.  It was the remedy necessary for the deepest disease of our souls.

This remedy was grace.  And an abundance of it.  Take a look for yourself at John 1:14-17, and you’ll find it there.

Up against God’s perfect standard, we are failures.  The law exposes the fatal flaw in each and every human being, including me, including you.  There is no way we can measure up.  We aren’t awesome.  In our sin, we are awful.

The law could never bring about the best demanded of us by God.  It only exposes us for how we fail.  And that’s a truth of the matter Jesus doesn’t just ignore.  

But that’s okay.  Jesus offers to cover our backs.  With grace He offers a way forward that is truly transformational.

Verse 16 proclaims “For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace” (NASB, emphasis mine). I love how the updated NIV puts it as “grace in place of grace already given”.

The idea is literally grace replacing grace.  An endless supply, a daily overflow.  Grace such as this dealt with our sin at the cross.  It forgives.  It provides a new standing with God.

It says I am loved, accepted, not defined by my darkness, but by the adoption secured me as a child of the King.

It also keeps on coming, meeting me in my weakness, in my doubts, my struggles, my ugliest potential to sin.

This crazy amount of grace provides what I need to grow, to change, to be transformed.

But most importantly, it leads me home.  To God.  Home to a place of love and acceptance with he from whom I need it most.  God loves me, Jesus makes everything okay, and that is hope like no other.




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  • Rick Theule

    Beautiful Jeff. Simply beautiful.

  • Kobie Venter

    Endless supply of grace, thanks Jeff great post

  • Love the raw… real… hope… here Jeff. It’s great reading honest and open writing like yours, my friend.

    • Thanks, Nick! Appreciate how you keep it real too, bro.

  • Christopher Mars

    For me, the most salient and powerful part is when you take grace “to the next level”. Christians, in my opinion, seem to be VERY good at emphasizing grace in regards to salvation. But then it’s like we abandon grace after that, implying that God only gives grace for salvation but NOT in “working out you salvation”. It’s sort of like this deep, inferred belief that God is saying, “Okay, I saved you from Hell, but you better live up to My standards the rest of your life and not screw up too badly.”
    But you took it to the next level, Jeff, talking about the grace God gives in our weakness and in His plan for transforming us here on Earth and, in “leading us home”. I love that. Your words, whether you realize it or not, are STRAIGHT out of the story of The Prodigal Son! The father gives “grace upon grace”, and this “leads” his son back home!
    So, amen and amen.

    • Thanks, Chris! Blessed to be walking this grace road with you, brother!

  • David Mike

    I don’t think we can fully understand grace. It is something that we do not deserve but we get anyways. I’m just glad that I am not defined by my darkness, and that I can rest in God’s forgiveness!