Sep 29

What Kary’s Name Did for Him

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This week, I started following Kary Oberbrunner on Twitter and love how this guy is a deep well.

Kary’s website share gives a glimpse into his story, with his bio stating that “As a young man, he suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury.”

Reading that made me curious to know more.  As I venture out with writing for this blog, my eyes are open for others who have ventured into the deep waters of their own brokenness.

So this evening, I sent Kary a Tweet, asking how I could learn more about his story.  He sent me the link to this video, which shares Kary’s intense struggles with pain, and how he eventually let down his guard and found his way toward hope.

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  • Thanks for your friendship. And for sharing. There is purpose in the pain.