Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 30

Tree Limbs & Stormy Assignments


The winds howled and rain fell, and our young children huddled with us on our bedroom floor when they should have been deep in sleep. Frightened by bright lightning flashes and deafening thunder, we sought to assure our kids they would be okay. Yet as our bedroom bay window was pelted in a way I hadn’t …

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Oct 13

The Wall: A Hopeless Situation?

The Old Testament often comforts me in the strangest of ways.  In and out of so many stories, I see God at work in the chaos, misfortune, and less that ideal circumstances of His people. Our modern world begs us, through technology, advancement and endless comforts, to circumvent the hopelessness life can bring.  Such modernities …

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Oct 09

When David’s Dream Went AWOL


Growing up in a military family, the life of a soldier was David’s dream. His grandparents had served in WWII. His father was career Air Force, and his younger siblings would join the Air Force as well. But David’s aspirations awaited him in the Army. Upon enlisting, David made his way to Airborne school in …

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