jraymondWelcome!  My name is Jeff, and I hope you’ll pardon the dust as we’re still setting up shop with this new blog!

A few months ago, the idea of Raw Real Hope came to me as I was thinking of what it would be like for folks walking though raw, hard things to find a place that’s real, honest and hopeful.  Sometimes when life is hard, it can be hard to see the way forward.  That’s been my experience, and I will share from it here.

But I will also share about how God likes to show up and give hope when life has fallen apart.  If you’re like me, you first opt for the quick fix for making things better.  God’s ways are different.  And that is good.  For what we need is much more than we can imagine on our own.

What I write comes out of my experience of one who’s walked the desert, and been broken by the most important relationships in life. I’m also on a journey of healing and hope with Father God, and am accompanied by my wife and four young children who I delight to love as their daddy.

An avid fan of the outdoors, I especially love transcendent, rugged, wild places.





  • Saw your comment on Justin Carper. All the best as you march ahead. Seems we may be in the same boat. I’m new in the blogosphere also, but full steam ahead. 🙂