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Nov 11

How Ms. Hughes Rescued Rodney


When Rodney was in second grade, his family moved to a small town in northeast Arkansas.  It was right before Christmas, and his family was not well off.  They were drifters, and just the year before, had spent a significant amount of time without power in their home. Their clothing was not the best, his parents drank …

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Nov 02

Michael Cusick & Transformative Grace

Before I was married to Julie, I was fortunate to meet weekly with a man who helped me work through broken places in my heart. Michael Cusick made a profound impact on my life as we explored how grace could work in the deepest places of my shame. I am indebted to him for that …

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Sep 29

What Kary’s Name Did for Him

This week, I started following Kary Oberbrunner on Twitter and love how this guy is a deep well. Kary’s website share gives a glimpse into his story, with his bio stating that “As a young man, he suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury.” Reading that made me curious to know more.  As I venture out with …

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Sep 25

Back Patio Breakfasts


Last weekend, as our long hot Texas summer finally broke, our family celebrated.  Layered in fleece and sweatshirts, we enjoyed a ritual breakfast served from our Coleman camping stove on the back patio. Feasting on breakfast sausage and eggs, we drank in the cool air and a change of seasons.  For our family of six, these back patio breakfasts …

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Sep 18

Crazy Amounts of Grace


When John introduced his friend in the book he wrote, he held nothing back.  No one could match such credentials, for Jesus had always existed, had created all things, and Jesus was the source of all life.  Up against this greatness, there were no rivals. Yet in our imperfect and dark world, most weren’t interested …

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Sep 06

Hope When Things Get Ugly


When God offers hope, it often shines most beautifully in the ugliest places of our story. Our sin, struggles, failures and hardships are raw material in which God does wondrous good. God doesn’t do this by denying one thing that’s wrong about us.  He doesn’t brush things under the rug.  He sees it all, just …

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